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The Zimbabwe National Road Administration has urged motorists to regularise their motor vehicle licenses during this peak licensing period saying the road fund administrator will next week launch a blitz on unlicensed cars together with the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Vehicle Inspectorate Department.

Zinara spokesperson Mr Tendai Mugabe paid hailed motorists complying with the law saying their payments were contributing significantly towards the rehabilitation of the country’s road network.

He said motorists without vehicle registration number plates would not be inconvenienced but encouraged them to make efforts to acquire the plates.

“This is the peak licensing period, and we are urging motorists to renew their discs,”

said Mr Mugabe.

“We know there are some who do not have registration number plates, we want to assure them that they will not be inconvenienced. Those without valid discs we encourage them to regularise because next week we are going to launch a joint blitz with ZRP and the VID, so we do not want people to be inconvenienced on the road.”

He said Zinara had opened various online licensing platforms that motorists could use to license their cars.

“We now have several online vehicle licensing platforms through our banking and insurance agencies that motorists can utilise to buy their vehicle licensing discs without visiting our offices,”

said Mr Mugabe.

“We also have self-service automated licensing machines deployed at selected tollgates, supermarkets and refuelling stations that motorists can use to buy their vehicle license discs.”

Mr Mugabe said during the blitz operation, motorists without valid discs would be asked to pay for their licenses on spot.

“We urge the motoring public to cooperate with our teams that are going to be on the road. They are going to ask those without valid discs to comply either on the road or at the back offices at the tollgates,”

he said.

Mr Mugabe added:

“We are running with the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme 2 (ERRP2) that was launched by President Mnangagwa recently following the incessant rains that damaged our road infrastructure during the just ended rain season.

“This programme requires funding from the Treasury and Zinara and it can be difficult to raise enough funds for this noble initiative when we have some motorists who continue to disregard the law by not paying their vehicle licensing fees.”

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