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THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commissioner (Zacc) investigating officer Eric Chacha yesterday exposed how police commissioner in charge of Matabeleland North province, Erasmus Makodza had been benefiting from a company owned by his girlfriend whom he is alleged to have corruptly awarded a farming contract at a police farm.

Makodza is accused of influencing the awarding of  the contract at a police farm in Mashonaland East to his baby girlfriend.

Chacha, who was leading evidence for the State, said Makodza was a co-director of the company with Maonei Chapfudza who was given a contract to utilise a police farm.

“The accused person was appointed a director in 2017 of the company that was given a contract to farm. It was only in June 2019 when the same company appointed another director on its CR14,” Chacha said.

Makodza’s lawyer, Tapiwa Makanza, however, objected to the submission of company documents which had Makodza as a co-director.

Makanza argued that the document had no relevance since Chapfudza had not been awarded the contract when the accused person was the director.

But magistrate Noel Mupeiwa ruled that the documents should be submitted since they supported the State case.

He also ruled that the document spoke to the relationship between Chapfudza and Makodza.

Chacha insisted that the shareholding of the company contracted to utilise the police farm included the accused person.

Chacha said Chapfudza and the police entered into an agreement in June 2019, but the engagement had started in February 2019.

The Zacc investigator also submitted bank statements showing Makodza benefiting from the proceeds of the

“I acquired a search warrant from the court and I went to the company’s banker where we got the bank statement showing transactions. The statement was recorded from the bank manager and confirmed by CR14” Chacha said.

“After receiving the bank statement, we established that on December 7, 2020, the same company where the accused was once a director transferred $32 350 for fuel to Makodza. Again on July 10, 2020 $200 000 was paid to Marondera Municipality for Makodza’s residential stand payments.”

Chacha said on August 14, 2020, another payment of $100 000 was paid for the same purpose to the Marondera Municipality.

“On August 19, 2020, the same company remitted $6 000 to ZRP Mashonaland East, another payment was then made on November 5, 2020, ZRP Mashonaland East Police Farm,” Chacha said.

The bank statement was submitted as evidence.

The matter was postponed to October 13 for continuation.

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