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WEST Properties has joined the global campaign aimed at creating clean environments by launching an annual clean-up and environmental awareness campaign that covers all major cities in Zimbabwe.

The campaign is a partnership between West Properties and global sustainability advocates — Global Impact Network.

Officially launched in Harare recently, the campaign will also see West Properties, and its partners participating at this year’s National Tree Planting Day on December 4.

The firm set the ball rolling with a clean-up of Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals before taking the exercise to Borrowdale West in Harare.

“Besides being located close to the West Properties offices, we have made it our shared commitment to ensure that the Parirenyatwa Hospital area is kept clean at all times, befitting of a health institution,”

said Tatiana Ellis, West Properties’ chief operations officer.

“Global Impact Network’s vision is to give people the power to collectively solve the world’s toughest environmental, social and economic challenges by facilitating and praising positive impact. This is why we were happy to partner with West Properties in this annual clean-up and environmental awareness campaign”,

a Global Impact representative said.

During the Borrowdale West clean up exercise, West Properties’ chief marketing officer, Marilyn Mosha, thanked all participants for investing their time in a worthy cause. The location also houses one of West Properties’ flagship developments — Pokugara.

“Today, each one of us had an opportunity to make a positive difference in our environment. Every small act is a step towards realisation of our global goals,” said Mosha.

Volunteers, community groups and friends of West Properties joined its staff in the clean-up exercise, which fully complied with COVID-19 protocols. West Properties’ clean-up campaign aligns to national goals and is also consistent with government’s clean cities vision launched by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in December 2018.

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