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ONE of Zimbabwe’s fastest growing funeral assurance services firms, Vineyard Funeral Assurance Company, said it planned to sign up clients whose policies had lapsed under a fresh plan to rebuild its customer base.

The strategy kicked off in May with a recapitalisation plan that saw the firm beefing up its fleet of hearses, as it geared to extend services across Zimbabwe.

Under the policyholder rebuilding strategy, Vineyard said clients with lapsed policies would be allowed to reactivate their accounts without having to go through the normal readmission processes.

Managing director, Solomon Chikanda said the firm had taken into consideration the fact that some of the policy lapses had been triggered by COVID-19-induced hardships. Chikanda said the Vineyard management had decided to run a campaign this month giving policyholders, whose policies had lapsed, an opportunity to redeem their policies.

“The common adage says, good friends care for each other, close friends understand each other, but true friends stay forever, beyond worse, beyond distance, beyond time,” Chikanda said.

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