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The Covid-19 situation in Tunisia has reached “catastrophic” levels, according to government officials, causing its health system to collapse.

Tunisia reported almost 10.000 cases and 134 deaths on Tuesday – a record high.

Field hospitals have been established to deal with the crisis, but the health ministry says these are not enough.

Health workers in the country are fatigued. Bodies of virus victims are left in beds because of a lack of staff to move them.

“We are struggling to provide oxygen,”

ministry spokesperson Nisaf Ben Alaya said.

Six regions in the country are under total lockdown.

Virus cases in different countries in Africa are increasing, with the World Health Organization (WHO) warning the

“worst is still to come”.

Vaccination remains low in the continent but the WHO is optimistic that donations from the US and other countries through the Covax initiative will help countries boost vaccination campaigns.

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