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Jah Prayzah has finally released his album, Gwara, albeit an inconveniencing delay. 

The album, which was set to be released on the stroke of midday, delayed by a few minutes. His fans already had their fingers the keys of their assortment of gadgetry, and ears lobs ready. 

Gateway Stream Music application was overwhelmed to almost collapse until eventually, they managed to upload, much to the glee of the fans.  

However, the fans are riding on past success and proper judgment will come when the dust has settled, for and the hullabaloo of release is over.

For now, let me listen to the 16 songs and by the way although, the album is titled Gwara, am not a coward myself.

I promise a review soon. And soon is not too long. Time moves.

All the same, Gwara has many meanings in Shona; it might mean a coward, and at times means direction or path. For now, allow me to take the path to simply sit, relax and listen to the music.  

So far Gwara has received overwhelming responses from fans who took to Instagram to praise the artiste.

Is it not too early to judge the album or just because it is Jah Prayzah, some already have the love for him. For his best fans, anything goes. 

Let us give the album some time then proper reviews can be done.

However, the Gateway Streams Music team said it had received overwhelming responses which affected the upload somehow.

“It was very difficult and at the same time overwhelmed as most people started uploading the application on the last minute hence for example having 40 000 people at once, to download the album was a bit tricky so we tried managing it very well,”

said an official from Gateway Streams who commented on anonymity.

Was it the issue of network challenges, was it that generally some fans were failing to log in prior or did the team did their homework preparing for the launch?

Due to Covid-19 pandemic which has restricted gatherings, most artistes have resorted to launching their albums virtually and it is a success to some while others still struggling to earns meet.

The album has 16 songs which include “Ndichiyamwa”, “Mhaka”, “Ndodzungaira”, “Nyeredzi”, “Murder” and “Takarasima, among others which have been generally appreciated on social media. 

The songs range from traditional music, love medleys, dance party songs and inspirational message on staying on the right path.

The audio album was launched as part of birthday gift to his fans.

The “Svovi Yangu” musician who turned 34 years, recently said that; “It is very hard, with the current situation now to release an album virtually without fans. 

“It pains me most. Our energy we feed on stage comes from fans. A concert is what brings life to us, but however we have adapted to the current situation,”

he said on social media.

He said the album is free for everyone to download.

“The album will be uploaded and it will be free. This is a gift for my fans , I love my fans and it is for free they can download it,”

he said. 

“It took me a year to create this album. I chose to launch it on Gateway Stream Music which is our local social media platform just like Youtube. A person can stream content and download. 

“We have worked with Gateway Stream Music to make this album downloadable  for Zimbabweans,”

said Jah Prayzah. 

The musician said on July 9 there will be releasing visuals on the same platform.

“We are having a virtual live streaming show on July 9, exclusively on the Gateway Stream Music App. This is a virtual show with no live audience, you can all watch from the comfort of your homes. We do not want to break the Covid-19 regulations, as we are still in lockdown.

“I can only say, be ready to be blown away by the new album on Sunday and the virtual live streaming show on Friday 9 July,”

he said. 

The Gateway Stream Music web and mobile application is a music platform that is built for both content producers and users.

Next week, the musician is  expected to launch a virtual performance of the album as announced before which will continue to promote the album.

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