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Tanzania’s main opposition party on Wednesday said its leader Freeman Mbowe was arrested last night while at his hotel room in Mwanza in the north-western region, where he was attending party meetings.

Officials from his Chadema party say that until now they have not been able to establish in which police station their leader is being held.

In a statement, the party says 10 other leaders arrested alongside him were taken to the Central Police Station in Mwanza.

“We would like the police to come out and tell us where our chairman is and the reasons for his arrest,”

reads the statement.

The party has also condemned the violation of the rights of Tanzanians, saying

“this is a clear sign that the dictatorship under the [late President John Magufuli] still continues”.

So far, the Tanzanian police has not issued any statement on Mr Mbowe’s whereabouts.

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