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Owing to the devastating effects of Covid19, the ministry of primary and secondary education has amended the 2021 school calendar leaving pupils to learn for only 139 school days until 17 December.

The adjustment to the calendar follows a recent cabinet announcement that schools will reopen on August 30, 2021 for exam classes while non-exam classes will open on September 6.

Schools were closed in June as a Covid-19 containment measure after the country recorded a spike in infections and death owing to the third wave.

Meanwhile, the Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) said the government has ambushed parents and teachers a situation that is likely to have serious implications on

“Parents, teachers and learners have all been ambushed. Who has a stash of money just lying around to be used for fees or bus fare back to work? Government may be ready, but no-one else is. The so-called salary was used up around pay day for everyone. Anyone listening?”

PTUZ said on the micro blogging site,

PTUZ secretary general Raymond Majongwe echoed the same sentiments saying the government move is ill-advised since there is no confirmation that all teachers have been vaccinated.

“The truth is while school was supposed to start any time it was better for the government to engage. There are serious issues of teachers who don’t have bus fare (incapacitated) others are waiting to be vaccinated. It seems the government enjoys starting fights with its workers. We love our jobs,” Majongwe said.

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