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The Rwandan government has announced a 10-day lockdown in the capital Kigali and eight districts amid a rising number of Covid cases and deaths.

People have been ordered not to leave their homes from this Saturday to 26 July to try to halt the virus spread.

Businesses, public works and transport, schools, sports and entertainment are all closed, and burials have been reduced to only 15 attendants.

People can only step out of their houses for essential services, or if they are essential workers.

The last four weeks have seen record numbers of cases – with nearly 1,000 per day – and the last seven days being the deadliest.

Health officials say the fast-spreading and deadlier Delta variant is behind the worst that the country is facing.

Rwanda has recorded more than 50,000 Covid cases and over 600 deaths. More than 400,000 people have been vaccinated.

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