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PACIFIC Cigarette Company (PCC) has rebranded its Pegasus and Branson cigarettes to reinforce its dominance on the market.

PCC, formerly known as Savanna Tobacco, was launched in 2002 as the country’s first indigenous-owned cigarette entity and its success was based on the production of quality cigarettes from the finest Zimbabwean tobacco.

The two brands, Pegasus and Branson, which were introduced into the market in 2008 to complement the flagship Pacific range, will now be available in toasted and menthol variants.

Pegasus, renamed Hong Ma, will cater for the Chinese market.

According to Pacific Cigarette Company

“Hong Ma, introduced in 2021 and distributed by Empire Tobacco, has proved to be the cigarette of choice for the Chinese because of its distinct Chinese flavour”.

“Pegasus Toasted will contain a blend of choice Zimbabwean and international tobaccos to produce a strong and satisfying experience for smokers with a mature palate. Branson Menthol will provide a mellowed-down cooling taste, while Branson Flame will give smokers the jolt they crave for,” the company said.

Company general manager Itai Watinaye said they will always strive to be the brand leader in bringing pleasure to smokers in the region through its comprehensive range of cigarettes.

“With the expansion of our Pegasus and Branson offerings, we continue to offer the customer more choice and value, while our distribution network ensures that our quality products are available in every corner of the country,” he said.

PCC focuses on developing Zimbabwe by supporting local communities and simultaneously expanding its territory into the southern African region.

PCC also has a presence in South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Lesotho, eSwatini, Malawi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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