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ONE of Zimbabwe’s most recognised entrepreneurs, Tinashe Mutarisi, has called on local businesses to pursue innovative strategies that give their operations capacity to expand and contribute to economic growth.

Mutarisi, the founder and chairman of Nash Paints, one of the country’s biggest paint makers, made the remarks at the Zimbabwe CEO’s Network Business Awards on Friday.

Mutarisi’s business interests span from furniture and entertainment to mobile technology, and transport and logistics.

He also has interests in the construction industry.

“The role of business in the advancement of a country’s economy and aspirations cannot be over emphasised,” said Mutarisi, who was guest speaker at the awards.

“My call to respected captains of industry and company executives is that you remain resilient and innovative to sustain this economy. As an entrepreneur and practising company executive myself, I know the important role that corporate leaders and visionaries like you can play in developing Zimbabwe towards the achievement of our national vision and development strategy. The work you do in promoting excellence and productivity in your different business settings is critical to the economic well-being of our country and I encourage you to continue on that path,” he added.

“We are operating in a generally challenging economic environment, but your strength of character and unparalleled business acumen must continue to carry the day for your brands and the broader Zimbabwean economy. Zimbabwe needs you and you must do your best to grow this economy. No one is going to foster economic development and change unless and until we decide to play our part.”

Mutarisi also called on business leaders to explore ways to become better entrepreneurs.

“Let us continue exploring ways to become better business leaders, better brands and, indeed, a better economy that inspires hope for future generations,” he said.

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