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THE Associated Mine Workers Union of Zimbabwe and the Chamber of Mines Zimbabwe have agreed a new minimum wage for mine workers, which will see salaries being paid in both United States dollars and local currency.

The increments are with effect from July 1, 2021.

This was revealed by the National Employment Council for the Mining Industry in a circular to mines dated September 28.

“This notice serves to bring to your attention that the following new minimum rates of pay for grade 1 to 13 were agreed upon in dual currency (US dollar and Zimbabwe dollar) by the Associated Mine Workers of Zimbabwe and the Chamber of Mines Zimbabwe on September 28 and will be subsequently sent to the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare for registration and publication,” read the circular.

The circular noted that the agreement carries an exemption clause as stipulated in the principal agreement, Statutory Instrument 152 of 1990, clause 6.

It states:

“Non-foreign currency generating companies, upon being granted an exemption, may be allowed to pay the full US$ amount in Zimbabwean currency equivalent using the official bank rate.”

The circular also states that employers that are able to pay more than the National Employment Council minimums are encouraged to do so, while all increases shall be based on the dollar value principle.

The increase in salaries will see the mine workers earning gross salaries of between $30 500 and $70 740,23.

The circular added that the portion payable in US$ shall be converted to local currency at a prevailing interbank rate of exchange at the time of payment.

The development comes at a time when many workers in the country are complaining that their incomes have been eroded by inflation.

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