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Rhythm and blues/pop musician Trevor Dongo has concurred with some of the regional artistes who said the music genre has been one of the most celebrated art forms on the continent and African artistes have enjoyed success not only nationally, but all over the world.

The “Nerunako” hit-maker said his music was not only about love, but was inspired by societal and current trends.

“Yes, I have matured and I need people to understand that I sing rhythm and blues – pop music,”

said Trevor.

“That is my genre, but most people think I am into urban grooves, well for the benefit of many, “urban grooves” is not a genre, but a movement, culture,.

“Love is a great part of life, but my music is not only based on love as I sing about life moments whether love related or just life in general.

“As an African artiste, I have always found my identity in humanity and just being a human, you know.

“I don’t like to be categorised according to a specific thing.”

Trevor, who has been in the studio for the past month, with his producer MacDonald Chidavaenzi confirming that they have shelved other projects to work on Trevor’s forthcoming album only, said his secret in staying relevant to the genre is on adaptation of the situation.

The album is said to be coming out soon.

“My secret in life would be putting God first through everything, working hard and never giving up,”

said Trevor.

“My uniqueness is the ability to grasp the concept of music by bringing life’s experiences to reality through my lyrical capabilities.

“We can’t say we have been locked up in the studio, my producer has shelved all other commitments and projects he was working on to focus on my album.

“The upcoming new album is called “5136 Born in Highfields”.

“This is where it all started and I can safely say this is one of my best works, as it is a testament of my musical journey and growth.

“This is a statement of who I am and how I am not afraid to go beyond the limits when music is concerned.”

Asked who his role model was considering some fans likened him with United States musicians Usher or Trey Songs, on the style, Trevor said he doesn’t have one.

“Role models are hard to find or should I say that I respect everyone who has pushed the limits to make it in life despite the circumstances.

“We have so many remarkable people in the world and it’s difficult to pick one. On all my six albums and countless singles I have released, each one has its role model.” he said

The harmonious singer said the Covid-19 pandemic taught some of the artistes to embrace new avenues such as performing on virtual platforms to survive, but he gives glory to God who has always made a way for him where there seemed to be no way.

Trevor said given a chance, he would like to do a collaboration with musicians who have a similar taste of style and tuneful voices like his.

“I would definitely want to work with anyone talented who is willing to work with me, but my top international favourites would be Chris Martin and Joe Thomas,”

said Trevor.

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