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A LOW-INCOME-earning urban family of six now requires approximately $41 235,93 to sustain its monetary needs per month, according to the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe.

This translates to US$490 per month.

The new family basket financial needs released on August 30 translates to a 4,84% increment from the approximate monthly financial requirement of $39 331,58 issued on August 23.

According to the statistics, transport, rental, utility bills, clothing and health financial needs for a family of six — comprising of both parents and four children — stood at $23 160 by end of August from $21 560 a week before.

The grocery needs also slightly increased to $16 799,96 by end of month from $16 498,65 a week before.

Under soaps and detergents, the cost stood at $1 275,97 from $1 272,93 under the same period under review.

However, the development came at a time when most civil servants are earning a paltry $17 000.

Civil servants indicated that they are surviving from hand-to-mouth.

“I cannot plan anything with such a salary. My financial needs average US$400 per month, but my salary is equivalent to US$130. I pay rent and buy a few groceries that can hardly get me to the next month,” Dilan Zamba — a government employed teacher.

“I or any of my family members cannot afford to get sick at any given time because we can’t afford healthcare let alone school fees for my kids. This is modern day slavery.”

War veterans last week besieged Finance minister Mthuli Ncube’s offices demanding an increase to their monthly pensions currently pegged at $16 000.

However, eleven former freedom fighters were arrested, but later released without any charge.   

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