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Mining Zimbabwe

Expo Dubai which is scheduled for next month will be a fitting platform that will enhance growth of the country’s mining industry

The Expo is set to run from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022 under the theme:

 “Connecting minds, creating the future.” Zimbabwe will be showcasing under the theme “Zimbabwe, a Land of Great Opportunities”. 

The Government will be participating together with the Private Sector. 

With regards to the mining sector, the Expo will be an opportune platform that will showcase Zimbabwe’s mining and mineral potential as well as opportunities within the sector. Among many other reasons, the mining sector’s participation at the Dubai Expo will aid in,   

·                    Promoting investment into the country’s mining sector value chain; 

·                    Clarifying Zimbabwe’s mining policies through a unified voice between the public and private sector; 

·                    Unpacking the “Zimbabwe is open for business mantra” using the practical tangible results from existing mining operations.  

·                    Seeking competitive markets for our mineral commodities;  

·                    Seeking opportunities for technology transfers within the mining sector value chain.   

In line with Government’s thrust for an inclusive development and private sector-led economy, the private sector is being invited to participate at the Expo together with Government. In that regard, the Ministry is engaging mining firms individually and through various mining associations. The Ministry wrote to the private sector, inviting them to participate at the Expo. A mining sector technical committee was set up to mobilise and coordinate participation of the private sector. The committee comprises of the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, Mining Parastatals, Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Miners Federation, Granite Producers Association, Diamond Beneficiation of Zimbabwe and the Jewellery Council of Zimbabwe.  

Zimbabwe is among 192 countries that will be showcasing at Expo 2020 Dubai. As a result, the Zimbabwe mining sector aims to draw lessons from other participants, particularly those with leading mining economies, on how they have developed their sectors focusing on export of value-added minerals.  

Furthermore, the Expo offers the country’s mining sector an opportunity to showcase investment opportunities in mineral beneficiation and value addition to the investment public.  

The government of Zimbabwe through the Minister of Mines and Mining Development Hon Winston Chitando in an effort to achieve vision 2030 where the country’s economy is expected to become an upper-middle-income earner has set a roadmap for the mining sector to become a US$12 billion industry by 2023.

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