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A Congolese musician, Tresor Riziki, has launched an appeal to raise funds for communities affected by the recent volcanic eruption of Mount Nyiragongo, near the city of Goma.

The appeal is in partnership with the UN refugee agency, the UNHCR, and will support their emergency response on the ground.

Tresor who was born in Goma told the BBC’s Focus on Africa that the eruption evoked memories of a similar experience he had in 2002.

“I thought because I am in a better position I have a voice and platform I should be able to assist this time I should be able to step in and assist,” he said.

Tresor who lived as a refugee in South Africa says he still has family and friends in Goma.

“The people there are very strong and have a very resilient spirit, slowly they are starting again to try to rebuild and trying to figure a way to work around the current situation,” he said.

His song tells of the hardships in different parts of Congo hit by insecurity because of the ongoing conflict. He says he wrote it before the eruption and later felt it was the right song for the campaign to raise funds.

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