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“Our long-standing friendship and fruitful cooperation have made some political elements jealous. They keep saying something is not right, fabricating fake news to attack Chinese investments in Zimbabwe and soil the image of China and Chinese companies.

“We are confident facts speak louder than words. We are confident the wise Zimbabwean people will not be fooled by a bunch of clowns. We are confident our deep-rooted friendship will not be shaken by a couple of lies.

“In fact, their smearing only vindicates our success and enhances our confidence and strength. China and Zimbabwe will keep running hand in hand so fast that their lies can never catch up,” Guo said.

He said China-Zimbabwe cooperation in political, economic, and social areas had just begun to release its huge potential.

“Let us continue to demonstrate a commitment to act and deliver. The steps we take and the impact we produce is the best way to improve life for our peoples to repel provocations and to fulfill the historical responsibilities placed on us by our times,” the ambassador said.

The Chinese envoy said China was inspired by the impressive growth in China-Zimbabwe relations over the past 41 years since the two countries established diplomatic relations.

China-Zimbabwe relations had grown from strength to strength, culminating in the two countries elevating their bilateral ties to a comprehensive strategic and long-term partnership of cooperation in 2018.

Guo said over the years, China has implemented various flagship cooperation projects in Zimbabwe which are nearing completion. These include the modernization of the Harare International Airport and the construction of the new parliament building.

“This month, phase three of the NetOne project was also launched, taking our cooperation further down the road of high-quality development,” he said.

The ambassador said unlike other countries, China does not interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries and its help does not come with political or economic strings attached.

“China works in the areas most important to Zimbabwe’s development and produces impact on the ground,” he said.

Guo said the Covid-19 pandemic had brought China and Zimbabwe closer, as the two countries boost cooperation in fighting the pandemic.

“Zimbabwe, out of respect for science and common sense, spoke clearly against politicization of the virus origins tracing, making its voice for justice heard across the international community.

“On its part, China has donated multiple batches of medical supplies, sent an expert team, and donated vaccines several times to Zimbabwe. The Chinese government has also helped Zimbabwe procure more than 11 million doses of vaccines from China,” Guo said.

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