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CFI Holdings Limited has signed an agreement with the Federation of Young Farmers Clubs Zimbabwe (FYFCZ) to provide farmers with a market for their produce.

The agreement is meant to reduce post-harvest losses and boost agricultural production, while financially empowering young farmers who have struggled to access markets.

Speaking at the signing ceremony on Friday, Agriculture deputy minister Vangelis Haritatos said the partnership would go a long way in boosting the agricultural sector.

“This gesture is purely in support of the ministry’s position and intention where the advocacy is for the private sector to lead agricultural transformation while the government facilitates their participation,” he said.

“Today we are witnessing the signing of trust documents that give life to a lifelong relationship between the FYFCZ and CFI Holdings. The establishment of the trust fund will allow the loyalty of the young farmers to the CFI group to be rewarded through a point system that will be accrued to each loyal member providing product discounts and funding opportunities to high scoring members,” Haritatos said.

Under the agreement, CFI will initially purchase 100 000 tonnes of grain from FYFCZ members.

To ensure that the farmers are adequately capacitated, Vaya Digital Farmer will provide finance, irrigation equipment, tillage, soil testing and logistical services.

Haritatos said the government had plans to increase farmers’ income through collaborative efforts as a way of improving livelihoods and meeting the country’s vision of achieving an upper-middle-income status by 2030.

“My ministry will continue to provide a conducive environment to allow the partnership to thrive,” he said.

FYFCZ vice-president Chiedza Hari said the federation was happy with the partnership.

“As young farmers we have an opportunity to transform the agricultural sector,” she said.

Rutendo Chidemo, a legal officer with CFI, said the firm was looking forward to prioritising farmers in the value chain.


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