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LOCAL authorities should conduct adequate stakeholder consultation and due diligence to ensure successful implementation of devolution projects.

Midlands Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister, Senator Larry Mavima, said this in Kwekwe while officiating at the recent commissioning of equipment purchased by Zibagwe Rural District Council (RDC) using devolution funds.

Zibagwe RDC procured two 15-tonne tipper trucks, a backhoe loader and double cab utility vehicle using devolution funds.

The council also drilled 10 boreholes, procured borehole spares and repaired 84 boreholes using the funds. Zibagwe RDC is also constructing toilets, clinics and classroom blocks across its area of jurisdiction among other projects.

The minister said devolution funds were meant to transform communities through addressing concerns of inequality in development and improving service delivery.

“On implementation of devolution projects, I want to urge all local authorities to pay due diligence to consultations and community participation in the spirit of devolution,”

he said.

“Decision making must be consultative and inclusive to entrench ownership.”

Minister Mavima said traditional leaders should also come on board and activate their communities towards maintenance of public infrastructure.

“As we celebrate these achievements, I also want to urge our traditional leaders to take a leading role in maintenance of this public infrastructure in their respective communities,”

he said.

The minister applauded President Mnangagwa for championing implementation of devolution projects as a key pillar towards realising Vision 2030.

“This is indeed a big step in the right direction and a reflection of total commitment to the development of our country Zimbabwe. Through these devolution funds, our country will surely reach our Vision 2030,”

he said.

The minister said the equipment bought by the local authority will assist in rehabilitation and maintenance of roads under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP).

Since June 2019, Zibagwe RDC has received a total of $21 million in devolution funds of which $10 million was used in the purchase of the equipment.

The council’s chief executive officer, Mr Farayi Desmond Machaya, said the equipment will go a long way in improving roads and livelihoods in the district.

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