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Fixed detection systems have been used for many years to perform safety instrumented functions. They are comprised of a single or multiple detector inputs, a control unit and a single or multiple final elements or outputs.

Adroit Technologies joined one of the main Coal mining groups as well as Gold mining groups in South Africa to develop an open platform Environmental Management System (EMS). The main aim of the EMS was to incorporate all the various fire and environmental detection systems onto a single platform.
Operational Challenges
In both the Coal and Gold mining groups, most of the applications were hardware dependent and in some instances outdated. Typically, the systems require complete engineering without options to migrate from existing systems. There was a lack of standardisation across the installations and this allowed for human error and difficulties around standardised operations. Engineers needed to be able to add sensors and change the configuration during runtime and without interrupting the system, in an effective and efficient way.
In order to address these challenges, the Adroit EMS system was developed. Over and above the standard components, the EMS system consists of specific EMS components, which plug seamlessly into the standard Adroit framework and give the end user a built-for-purpose EMS system. The Adroit EMS system is a complete modular application, which provides a single platform solution for all the market leading sensor suppliers. Adroit Technologies further partner with a number of vendors as a preferred interface and provide value added modules like the fire detection.
In Summary
The EMS system has three main applications. It is an early warning system to provide early detection warning of incipient fire or harmful gases. It is also an environmental monitoring system and is configured to measure environmental conditions. Lastly, it is a non-safety application such as asset protection.

It is important to understand that the number of sensing points and their appropriate location, their redundancy, the management of regular maintenance, specifically response checking or calibration, and other detection specific features are all likely to have a far greater effect on the integrity of the overall systems.

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