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Local private security firms say the sector has weathered the storm during the Covid 19 pandemic as security services became more necessary during lockdowns.

BlackShark Protection Services business development director, Trevor Jakachira, said his company, now in its fifth year of existence had managed to disrupt the market.

“We are happy we have managed to disrupt the market so far. Private security has weathered the Covid 19 storm, while everyone was at home, more security was needed to look after (the deserted premises),”

he said.

Mr Jakachira was speaking on the sidelines of an event where his company and two others teamed up in a corporate social responsibility programme and brought food and medical care services to Bumhudzo Hospital Home in Chitungwiza.

BlackShark together with Vivat Health Solutions and Omnichem hosted a luncheon and provided medical checks for the residents and personal hygiene products and cleaning detergents.

For BlackShark, the initiative was part of the company’s fifth year anniversary celebrations.

“This year we are celebrating our fifth birthday and we have decided to celebrate by running these CSR programmes so that we give back to our communities.

“So we have mobilised our partners in this initiative to remember our communities, today we have decided to give to our senior citizens,”

he said.

“The security company has been involved in other CSR activities especially at Jairos Jiri Centre, prison services as well as children’s homes in Harare with plans to extend the same assistance to other centres in other towns. Vivat Health Solutions which administers Bon Vie Medical Aid Scheme, Vivat ClearView, Vivat Health Pharmacy, Vivat Healthcare Clinic among others moved in with a medical team that did health checks for the residents ranging from BP checks, diabetes, visual acuity and dental checks among others.

Bon Vie Medical Aid Scheme marketing and customer care liaison officer, Ms Varaidzo Murapa, said this was one of the CSR programmes the health care service provider has been involved in while also rolling out others such as Covid-19 tests.

“As part of our programmes to give back to the community, we look at where there is a need and try to provide a solution. We are looking at other centres and provide what’s needed there,”

she said adding the organization had also provided first aid kits for the old people’s home.

Chemicals manufacturer -Omnichem , trading as Swish, was also part of the companies that spent the day at Bumhudzo

“We have been invited to support this hospital and have brought some products for our elderly here. As a company, we work with communities and whenever there is an opportunity to assist those in need we gladly do so especially those who cannot work for themselves,”

said Omnichem head of marketing Valentine Ndoro.

Bumhudzo – a Salvation Army run hospital for the elderly – has capacity to accommodate 150 residents, but currently has 30.

Administrator at the hospital, Major Auxillia Maware, expressed gratitude to the three companies that brought goodies for the centre.

“We are grateful for Blackshark for organising this event. Sometimes we cannot afford to provide the exact healthcare they need but today they have access to various specialists and access eye care and dental services for instance as well as other vital medical checks,”

she said.

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