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It isn’t every financial analyst who boasts of rich experience in the creative industry. Leonard Chibamu is a financial analyst and renowned filmmaking expert.

He is a cross-disciplinary expert from finance to creative industry business. This is part of Leonard Chibamu’s signature offering; he is differentiated by an uncommon compliment of financial management expertise combined with strong business acumen allowing him to view creative related business narrowing it down to connect dots, identifying key business drivers, understanding complex financing issues and proffering corrective action[1]oriented results.

Leonard has a rich and diverse academic history. Having completed a bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance and a Master’s degree in finance at Great Zimbabwe University, he is currently pursuing Doctoral studies with the Catholic University of Zimbabwe, with research interests in film and creative related financing matters. He is also studying towards the attainment of a Chartered Secretary title and is on Part C of CIS (Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators in Zimbabwe).

Leonard Chibamu, as a passionate filmmaker, directs LeoChi Media Consultancy, a company registered in Zimbabwe. He is the writer, director and producer of the film sequel, Zvoitwasei and Village Secrets a drama series showing on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Television (ZBC TV). Apart from published films, he has written more than four film scripts namely;

“The thicket between two Rivers”, “The map on the rock”, “I am a Model”, “The River Between and many others”.

He is diligent in his filmmaking practice and is committed to his finance profession. Leonard Chibamu as a finance expert and passionate filmmaker has vast knowledge in film and creative financing matters.

With vast knowledge in researching, he is into film and creative business consultancy work and holds yet to be published film related financial innovations in form of the “ LeoChi Actor Valuation Model” that addresses film financing risk and film valuation in contemporary film making. He is outstanding in advocacy for film and creative banking in Zimbabwe and abroad. His influence has spanned beyond that of a mere traditional financial analyst and he is leading key strategic alliances beyond territorial filmmaking advocating for collaborative filmmaking in Africa. Owing to his rich financial knowledge he is propelling the agenda for financial innovations that address film specific risk and bolters of business philosophy in filmmaking.

Leonard Chibamu earned his Bcom Banking and Finance Degree in 2016, a Master’s degree in Finance and is a Doctoral student for DPhil majoring in Film Financing. Leonard lives in Harare, Zimbabwe where he and his wife of 12 years two sons and a daughter. He is active in community work and has done a lot of philanthropic works in his home community in Chivhu. He has done a lot of community work in schools and communities with a major thrust in promoting creativity. He has seen over the creation of Manyene Chivhu Creative Association, a creative group specializing in performing art. In his personal time, he enjoys playing volleyball.

Leonard Chibamu will be on the panel of Nollywoodetal 2nd edition of our content monetization series with the theme

“Content Monetization: The Brand Placement Option”

that is slated for Thursday 24th, June 2021. nollywoodetal.com

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