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A HARARE-based information communication technology (ICT) company, Tano Digital Solutions, has won a prestigious award — System Analysis Programme (SAP) Rookie of The Year Award for 2020 (Africa) for providing cutting edge solutions to various corporates as firms adjust to the new normal due to Covid-19 restrictions.

As a result of the pandemic, most companies have introduced remote working as employees are operating away from the office.

Tano, which partnered SAP in 2019, has taken up space in the ICT sector as it is providing critical solutions such as currency conversion from the local currency to USD for corporates, Government departments and parastatals.

SAP is a world leading producer of software for management of business processes, solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow in organisations.

“TDS has been the primary and most notable solution provider in the SAP space in Zimbabwe from 2019, and is an authorised SAP Value Added Reseller (VAR) for this territory.

“Testament to this is TDS’ diligent workmanship and adherence to good corporate governance practices, which has culminated in the company being awarded the SAP Rookie of the Year Award for 2020 (AFRICA) at SAP’s partner awards ceremony.

“The award is in recognition of TDS’ extraordinary partnership as an SAP Partner in delivering solutions to help solve business and technology challenges in 2020,”

said Tano director Wallen Mangere.

Tano is spreading its tentacles and has since opened offices in South Africa and Botswana.

Mr Mangere said the company was managing SAP for a number of its clients, working remotely during the Covid-19 induced restrictions on travel and congregating.

“In the area of project management, with any project there is an inherent risk of project disruption and impact of Covid-19 further heightened this risk. However, during this time we were able to meet deadlines and contracted deliverables, a hefty feat for any company,”

he said.

Mr Mangere said Tano had a strong partner network which makes it possible to create flexible project teams who deliver complex customer projects.

“The company has dedicated its efforts to better the functions of large public and private sector enterprises and small to medium organisations through offering ICT services that match the current shift from primitive business models to artificial-intelligence aided cloud-based business processes.”

The firm has also created space for young ICT graduates whom it helps to attain SAP certification after a 12 months training period.

“The collective intellectual capital resident at TDS gives rise to a number of strategic initiatives that make the company’s future outlook for the future bright. “TDS’ two-year and five-year plan is for the company to be the leading trusted solution provision company in the business solution space, for on-premise and cloud-based solution deployment and support.”

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