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Upgrading of the country’s busiest inland port of entry and one of SADC’s key transit points is progressing steadily with the freight terminal expected to be complete by September.

The project is expected to be complete next year as the New Dispensation works to promote the ease of doing business and trade facilitation.

Civil works went a gear up early this year after the Zimborders Consortium secured nearly US$300 million for the project.

The consortium is made up of a group of Zimbabweans, South Africans, international entrepreneurs, financial institutions and experts.

Government said it is pleased with the progress so far regardless of Covid-19 challenges.

During his tour to have an appreciation of the project, Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Felix Mhona said the project is beneficial not only for the country, but to the SADC region as a whole.

Minister Mhona who was accompanied by Deputy Minister Mike Madiro and Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) senior officials commended the Second Republic for the massive project.

“We have been briefed that by September this year, they will actually open for the freight terminal and next year in November, they will be done with the whole project. “I am happy with the progress, you know because of the advent of Covid-19 pandemic, the progress was slowed down, but now there is serious work going on. “I was also worried about the time frame, but they have assured us that they will be on time,”

he said.

Minister Mhona said such a massive project is a clear testimony that the New Dispensation under President Mnangagwa is committed to improving the lives of the people.

“I want to thank President Mnangagwa for this massive project. This gives confidence that he is not just talking, but is actually doing the work as he has promised in manifesto, to say we need to make sure the people of Zimbabwe are always in a stable environment and they enjoy their facilities. “If we move with this kind of development, I am sure we will be the envy of the region,”

Minister Mhona said.

It is envisaged that the volume of humans and cargo will increase five times when the project is complete.

An average of 200 000 travellers, 30 000 buses, 100 000 light vehicles, 40 000 commercial trucks use the border post monthly in goodtimes.

President Mnangagwa laid the foundation for the project to take off in July 2018 and said the initiative was in line with enhancing the ease of doing business.

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