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AUSTRALIA-LISTED mining concern, Prospect Resources, says construction of the Arcadia lithium pilot plant is now 70 percent complete with the company expecting to start shipping high grade petalite to Europe by end of June.

The mining firm whose Arcadia project is situated a few kilometres East of Harare, produces lithium that goes into both technical (glass and ceramics) and chemical (vehicle and electronic batteries).

In a statement, Prospect said it remains on schedule to achieve the first shipment of high purity petalite by end of the second quarter.

“Importantly, the pilot plant remains on schedule and on budget,”

“The company is pleased to advise that approximately 70 percent of the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) scope for its high purity petalite pilot plant is completed.

it said.

The firm’s managing director, Mr Sam Hosack, was quoted as saying:

“It’s pleasing to report development of the pilot plant remains on time and on budget, with Prospect on target to shipping purity petalite by the end of June 2021.”

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