NetOne’s Christmas Cheer: You Can Use One Money for Free!

As Market Share for One Money Grows by 7,3% in Q32019

By Kenneth Magwada

Zimbabwe’s first cellular network operator, NetOne, has today introduced a zero rated promotion among other perks, for its OneMoney platform, as it seeks to bolster its position on the mobile financial market. This was revealed by the company’s CEO, Mr. Lazarus Muchenje who was  addressing journalists at a press conference in Harare this afternoon.

Zero rated transactions on OneMoney

Mr. Muchenje said that from today, up to the 31st of December 2019, OneMoney will not be charging for its transactions. All that one needs to do is to fund his/her OneMoney wallet with a minimum of ZWL$500.  This comes at the back of an outcry of exorbitant charges being levied by other mobile money service providers and banks.

“Our vision is to go beyond solving the problems when they arise, instead, we are looking at creative solutions to pre-empt the problems  and  to resolve these. Taking into account that the Zimbabwean people have had a difficult year, with prices increasing and the  harsh economic environment, we are happy to announce that  NetOne is here  for you and NetOne is about to buck the trend  and give the Zimbabwean people what they want,” said Mr. Muchenje .

Paying customers to use OneMoney

 To add a cherry on top of the icing, NetOne is also giving customers 1 gig worth of data to use within 24hours each time they top up their wallets with a minimum of ZWL$500, which is tantamount to getting paid to using the services – a departure from the ‘norm’ where one is actually charged for each transaction done.

Additional perks

In addition, NetOne is also offering a bonus of 100% worth of the amount of airtime that one recharges if he/ she has reactivated an old sim and for new customers, they will receive $2 worth of airtime for every $2 they recharge with. “If you use OneMoney to buy your airtime, we’ll give you 50% of your airtime as a bonus the next day,” added Mr. Muchenje.

Mr. Muchenje reiterated that NetOne is acting in the spirit of Christmas, a season for giving; “at NetOne, we remain committed to ensuring that the people of Zimbabwe do not struggle. We want to democratize telecommunications, we want to democratize payment systems, and we say that people must not pay an arm and a leg to get these services. People must not lose their hard earned salaries to get access to their money. Let it be free, let the people of Zimbabwe benefit, all of you, one and all, must come to NetOne”

Christmas is a time to give…

To ensure easy accessibility to their financial services, NetOne is also going to double the number of one money agents next week. Netone is also going to be working with the government to ensure that One Money services are available in all government departments for easy payment by its customers.

This move comes when Netone is on a campaign of reverting back to the basics of telecommunications for sustainable growth; a move that seems to be paying off as evidenced by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) second quarter abridged report for 2019, which recorded OneMoney’s market share as having grown  to 7,3% in the second quarter of 2019.

The report has also  indicated that NetOne’s active subscribers have increased by 6,1%, while its market share also grew from 21,4% to 22,3%, with internet and data usage increasing by 0,8%. WealthTalk.

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