Movie of the Week: Overcomer

By Patronella Jakachira
Showing at SK Cinemas in Harare.

Movies are a great way to unwind and disconnect, unplug from the pressures of life and connect to the world of entertainment and leisure. This week, we picked Overcomer, featuring Priscilla Shirer (remember her from War Room?). It is a movie that will encourage and uplift, especially in difficult and seemingly impossible life situations. Here is our take on the movie (warning: spoiler alert!!!)

A drama written by Alex and Stephen Kendrick, directed by Alex Kendrick (Kendrick brothers). Overcomer tells the story of high school basketball coach: John Harrison’s (Alex Kendrick) struggle to maintain normalcy in his life after the local manufacturing plant shuts down.  Hundreds of families are forced to leave town, forcing Harrison to squelch his dreams of a state basketball championship.  Asked to take over the school’s cross-country team, he is faced with coaching a lone runner (Wright-Thompson) who not only battles asthma but also struggles with her self-worth. Along with his wife (Rigby) Harrison pushes his young athlete toward a journey of discovery, one that eventually leads her to a newfound faith and the answer to a question that has plagued her since birth.

 Overcomer is a  Christian sports drama  that pushes  you to dig deeper into who you really are, it is filled with very important reminders of  self-worth through Christ  as  according to  Ephesians 1and it  also illustrates the vital  concepts of one’s identity in Christ, and how that identity frees  us from defining ourselves by our roles, our passions and  our failures. This drama is illustrating the Christian life, that it is a race that we are running (Hebrews 12:1) and it must be run with endurance and perseverance as Hannah did. Despite that she was asthmatic, she stripped off and threw aside everything that entangled her and endured until she finished her race (Philippians 3:14) and she got the victory, she won at the end.

Our Key Take – Aways from the Movie:

  1. Repentance has transformative power

Repentance as according to 2 Corinthians 5:17, is when one is born again (engrafted in Christ), will be a new creation and all previous moral and spiritual condition would be totally rubbed off by the blood of Jesus Christ.

In the Christian walk, when we receive Jesus Christ as savior in our lives, we need to totally defer from our previous sins and embrace the new and eternal life from God. In the movie, before Hannah gave her life to Christ, she often stole small items from people around her and would defend and cover her theft from her grandmother. This changed after receiving Jesus Christ as her personal savior. Due to the transformative power of her decision, she returned all of the things she had stolen, with written apologies.

2. Forgiveness: See your offender in the light of love

Forgiving someone is never easy, but it is possible. Not only is it necessary, but it is a command (Matthew 6:15). In the movie, Hannah’s grandmother (Barbara) is confronted by Hannah’s father who wronged her greatly and abandoned her now late daughter, and her granddaughter (Hannah) who she single-handedly raised. Whilst she finds forgiving him an uphill task, she eventually realizes that it is better to let go of the past hurt that she suffered and see her son-in-law in the light of love rather than the painful actions he or she did in the past.

We hope you search for this movie and watch it as it is a great pick for family viewing and even church related teachings and outings. Enjoy! Wealthtalk.

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