From Sankayi To Dreams: What Happened?

Genius Kadungure, commonly known as Ginimbi: is the owner of the upmarket night club Dreams; formally known as Sankayi. The upmarket glass structured facility is situated at number 147 Kwame Nkrumah, Harare. Sankayi, made waves when it entered the market early in May 2018, it unfortunately shut down earlier this year, barely a year after its opening.

What Caused Sankayi to Shut Down?

According to the socialite, “The reason behind the shutting down of the club is attributed to the drive to come up with top notch and out of the box standards that will see a new and interesting face of the club by its patrons.”  Ginimbi, also mentioned that with Sankayi he had made a couple of mistakes since it was the first time for him to venture into that line of business. The mistakes came with lessons and  gave him the confidence to rebrand the club and give it a much higher standard that stands a chance to transform the entertaiment scene.

Dreams: The Rolls Royce of Night Clubs

A fortune was invested into the rebranding and restyling of the club, with high-tech sound, lighting equipment, which included speakers, mixing boards, cabling, rack-mount amplifiers, lighting mounts, flash pots, laser lights and smoke machines. Ginimbi described Dreams as the Rolls Royce of night clubs not only in Zimbabwe but the whole of Southern Africa. Ginimbi let out that his dream is to make the venue a local tourist attraction for people around the country and beyond. Dreams is highly likely to boost tourism, as evidenced by Ginimbi’s vast African continental following on his social media handle and the fact that he is the Harare International Carnival ambassador. The name Dreams was actually, inspired by a dream Ginimbi had. He elaborated that when he closed down Sankayi, the dream was to have a place that merry markers around the country would want to come and have a good time whenever they visited Harare.

Ginimbi on one of his “toys’

The club promises to bring a fresh feel to the Zimbabwean night life, the club manager mentioned that Dreams brings the feel of New York City. There is a lot that they will be offering for those who love the exclusive and expensive night life lifestyle, including the performances and all the drinks that will be at the club.  Speaking of all things top standard, Ginimbi added that on one of his interviews, the dress code will be taken very seriously at Dreams. The businessman who is known for his collage of high end cars, described Dreams Night Club as the Rolls Royce of nightspots saying it will be the best in Southern Africa.

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