Econet’s Sasai: the New Game Changer?

Sasai – derived from Shona street lingo ‘kusasa’ meaning talking; is the latest kid on the block from Econet and given time, has the potential to disrupt existing chat and payment technologies. Inspired by China’s WeChat: it has been dubbed a digital marketplace platform where one can chat, send and receive money, pay bills, make mobile payments, explore the fun side of life and so much more. Let’s explore the major features of Sasai..


This application is a social Payment platform more like WeChat or WhatsApp among others. The application does a offer the chatting functionality. One is essentially able to text family and friends and have conversations (just like you do on WhatsApp). Sasai allows people to call that is: video and audio calls which can be individual or group calls. To top it off, the social media platform allows for sharing of media files such as images, videos and audios.

Cassava Fintech really thought things through before they took their application out. In terms of the flexibility on the phone and use the application is suitable for both IOS and Android. That is, the application can be found on App Store and Play Store for free.


Once you download the Sasai App you get a Sasai wallet that helps one to make transactions. For Zimbabweans it has the options to buy ZESA vouchers, ZOL vouchers, paying bills buying groceries among others. It has the option for one to check their Ecocash wallet balance as it is linked to Ecocash. That is one can prompt the application and it sends a USSD interface for one to put their Ecocash password for it to show one the account balance.

The application has a QR code scanner for those who like to pay bills and do groceries in a rush. One can just have his/her QR code scanned and pay for the services of goods they would want to pay for. Cassava Fintech partnered with a lot of banking institutions so most people in the world are covered if either one uses the application. Not to be outdone, Sasai has an option to split bills for example, among a group of friends at a restaurant.

Loan facility

Sasai offers a secure micro-loan facility, if ever one is in need of money and does not have a person to assist him/her; all they need is to use the AI and request for a credit. The more active someone is on Sasai; the better their chances of getting a loan on the credit facility.

Sasai On the Go: Shopping on Demand

If ever one is looking for information on a service or a product that they want to acquire, if you are looking for a ride, a plumber, an electrician or to shop online one is able to do so on Sasai. Sasai Entertainment gives one access to Music, games, news, and sports. It offers high quality entertainment both local and international channels. For those who want entertainment on the go they can get it in one application.

 Sasai online shopping offers both regional and international e-commerce using e-market and e-shop. One can shop and change to another shop while using one application.

 It also offers a variety of services like Ride hailing, Delivery, Technites and E-tickets. The Sasai on demand service aims at supporting the growth of entrepreneurs in Africa.

Sasai travel is meant to bring ease of planning and travelling for individuals or groups. It gives information on flights, accommodation, transfers, restaurants, and tourism related facilities. All of these: on one go.

Sasai Financial services brings convenience in sending money home through Sasai Global Remittances for all those in the Diaspora who would like to send money home.

Thus far the social payment platform sends money to Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa, Bangladesh, DRC, India, Pakistan and more are still being added on.

Our Take: It is a True Game Changer

Cassava has managed to position its brand as the pace – setter in customised technology solutions for the African Market: for Africa by Africa. We give the Sasai App a 5 star rating!

Wealthtalk gives Econet’s Sasai App a 5-Star Rating!

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