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THE Rural Electrification Agency (REA) has commenced electrifying parts of rural Kariba including Magororo-Musambakaruma and Mola-Siakobvu.

Speaking to NewsDay yesterday, REA spokesperson Johannes Nyamayedenga said:

“We are going to build a tie-line from Magororo Centre, cross Sanyati River link with a 33kV line passing through Nembudziya. This will be a 26km of 33kV line and the line will drop load at Chembizi Primary School along the way.

“Economic benefits will accrue when downstream institutions, notably Mola Business Centre, Crocodile Farm, Bumi Hills and other resorts as well as Chalala Fisheries are electrified since their electrification is only possible when this tie-line is done.”

Nyamayedenga said REA had budgeted $48 249 316,54 for the project.

“Duration of project is 216 working days with one gang which reduces to 72 working days with the planned deployment of three gangs.”

He added that the Siakobvu-Mola project entails extension of the 33kV line from Siakobvu Centre by another 33km down to Mola institutions to supply Chief Mola, Mola Secondary School, primary school, police post, business centre and clinic. The budgeted cost for the project is $60 574 472,43.

“Duration of project is 250 working days with one gang, which reduces to 84 working days with the planned deployment of three gangs.”

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